Miss Circle is the home of unapologetic fabulousness and self-expression. Founded in 2016 by Miss Circle herself, Isabel Deng. Our design studio and headquarter is rooted in Soho, New York. Each line showcases our commitment to quality and impeccable design. We're dedicated to celebrating the beauty of women at all ages. Whether you're dressing for a special occasion or simply for everyday life, we want you to feel fabulous.

Throughout our journey, we have been honored to see our designs become the favorites among a host of talented individuals and leading influencers in the fashion industry. More than crafting the classic 'It Girl' image, we've defined the Miss Circle aesthetic—a celebration of authentic self-expression. We capture those genuine moments when women feel and look their absolute best. Our creations offer more than just a look, they provide a memorable experience that defines the essence of who you are.

Over the years, our iconic photoshoots have been staged against the backdrop of New York's most famous landmarks and in stunning locations around the world. Miss Circle has become the go-to brand for many, renowned for its captivating 'all eyes on me' look. We are privileged to be a part of your unique Miss Circle moments. Welcome to join the Circle!


Meet the Founder, Miss Circle Herself

Isabel Deng's journey into the world of fashion began in her youth and deepened after moving to New York at age 18. Like many women who struggle to find that perfect dress, Isabel decided to take matters into her own hands. In 2016, she launched Miss Circle, a brand dedicated to making women feel unapologetically fabulous. The name "Circle" is inspired by the translation of her Chinese name, symbolizing completeness and unity.

As Founder, Design & Creative Director of Miss Circle, Isabel leads a close-knit team and immerses herself in every aspect of the brand, from visionary designs to conceptualizing photoshoots and crafting innovative marketing strategies. "Every piece of Miss Circle is my baby, every image we deliver is part of my soul. Building Miss Circle has transformed me into a better Miss Circle herself," Isabel says.

Isabel credits her mother for instilling in her a belief that women should never be easily defined or judged. This conviction empowers her when facing challenges and tasks. Now a devoted mother of two, Isabel hopes to pass on this confident mindset to her young daughters and become a role model for them in the entrepreneurial world. "I want to show my daughters that you can define your own life, beyond the constraints of womanhood and age. It's up to you to decide who you are and what you want to do," she explains.

Isabel draws inspiration from the amazing and beautiful women of New York and around the world, who exemplify how a woman should dress and being true to herself in life. Under Isabel's creative direction, Miss Circle firmly embraces the motto: We dress to please ourselves, not others.

Visit Our Flagship Store 

Come be a part of our inner circle and experience the transformative power of Miss Circle’s fashion at  our one-of-a-kind flagship store on 417 West Broadway in the heart of Soho, New York. If you ever need a Miss Circle moment, you know where to find us!

Location: 417 W Broadway 

                New York NY10012

Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-7pm

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